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APC Smart-UPS SC 450VA - UPS (rack-mountable)

Productcode: SC450RMI1U | EAN/UPC: 0731304222712
315,40 excl.btw
APC Smart-UPS SC 450VA - UPS (rack-mountable) - AC 230 V - 280 Watt - 450 VA - RS-232 - output connectors: 4 - 1U - grey - for P/N: AR106SH6, AR109SH6, AR112SH6, AR3006, AR3006SP, AR3103, AR3103SP, AR3106, AR3106SP
  • Rack/tower convertible
  • Multiple mounting methods
  • Front-access servicing
  • Boost and trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Power conditioning
  • Temperature-compensated battery charging
  • Automatic restart of loads after UPS shutdown
  • Automatic self-test
  • Cold-start capable
  • Disconnected battery notification
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APC Smart-UPS SC 450VA - UPS (rack-mountable)
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APC Smart-UPS SC 450VA - UPS (rack-mountable) - AC 230 V - 280 Watt - 450 VA - RS-232 - output connectors: 4 - 1U - grey - for P/N: AR106SH6, AR109SH6, AR112SH6, AR3006, AR3006SP, AR3103, AR3103SP, AR3106, AR3106SP
Product features
  • Rack/tower convertible
    Protect the initial investment in the UPS when migrating from tower to rack-mount environment.
  • Multiple mounting methods
    Allow for standardization on one product for use in different environments.
  • Front-access servicing
    Simplifies installation and maintenance while minimizing space requirements!
  • Boost and trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
    Give higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery.
  • Intelligent battery management
    Maximize battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging.
  • Power conditioning
    Protect connected loads from surges, spikes, lightning, and other power disturbances.
  • Temperature-compensated battery charging
    Prolong battery life by regulating the charge voltage according to battery temperature.
  • Automatic restart of loads after UPS shutdown
    Automatically starts up the connected equipment upon the return of utility power.
  • Automatic self-test
    Periodic battery self-test ensures early detection of a battery that needs to be replaced.
  • Cold-start capable
    Provide temporary battery power when the utility power is out.
  • Disconnected battery notification
    Warn when a battery is not available to provide backup power.


Device Type
UPS - rack-mountable
Battery Enclosure Type
Plug-in module
Height (Rack Units)
Power Device
UPS Technology
Line interactive
Input Voltage
AC 230 V
Input Voltage Range
AC 160 - 286 V
Input Voltage Range (Adjustable)
AC 151 - 302 V
Frequency Provided
47 - 63 Hz
Frequency Required
50/60 Hz
Input Connectors
1 x power IEC 60320 C14
Power Output Connectors Details
4 x power IEC 60320 C13
Output Voltage
AC 230 V ± 5% - 47 - 63 Hz
Power Capacity
280 Watt / 450 VA
Dataline Surge Protection
Network/phone line - RJ-45/RJ-11
Output Waveform
Stepped approximation to a sinewave
Surge Suppression
Surge Energy Rating
320 Joules
Lead Acid
Run Time (Up To)
5.9 min at full load
Remote Management Interface
Expansion / Connectivity
1 x management (RS-232) - 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9)
Cables Included
Serial cable - external
Rack Mounting Kit
Audible alarm, LED display
Compliant Standards
C-Tick, GOST, PCBC, VDE, EN 50091-2
Software / System Requirements
Software Included
APC PowerChute Business Edition
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support
Limited warranty - 2 years
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature
0 °C
Max Operating Temperature
40 °C
Humidity Range Operating
0 - 95%
Dimensions & Weight
43.2 cm
38.3 cm
4.4 cm
10.2 kg
Compatibility Information
Designed For
P/N: ACCS1000, ACCS1001, ACCS1002, ACCS1003, ACCS1004, ACCS1005, ACCS1006, ACCS1007, ACDC1015, ACDC1016, ACDC1017, ACDC1019, ACDC1020, ACDC1021, ACDC2513, ACF001, ACF002, ACF003, ACF101BLK, ACF102BLK, ACF201BLK, ACF400, ACF600, AP5017, AP5602, AP5606, AP5607, AP5616, AP92200, AP9290, AR100, AR100HD, AR106SH6, AR109SH6, AR112SH6, AR202, AR203A, AR204A, AR2101, AR2102BLK, AR2144BLK, AR2145BLK, AR2200, AR2280, AR2400, AR2400FP1, AR2401, AR2407, AR2480, AR2487, AR2487G, AR2500, AR2507, AR2580, AR2587, AR2900, AR2901, AR3000, AR3003, AR3003SP, AR3006, AR3006SP, AR3100, AR3100G, AR3100SP, AR3100SP1, AR3100SP2, AR3100TAA, AR3100W, AR3100X609, AR3100X610, AR3100X617, AR3101, AR3103, AR3103SP, AR3104SP1, AR3105, AR3105SP, AR3105W, AR3106, AR3106SP, AR3107, AR3107G, AR3107SP, AR3107X609, AR3107X610, AR3107X617, AR3130, AR3140, AR3140G, AR3140W, AR3150, AR3150SP, AR3150SP1, AR3150SP2, AR3150W, AR3150X609, AR3150X610, AR3150X617, AR3155, AR3155SP, AR3155W, AR3157, AR3157SP, AR3157X609, AR3157X610, AR3157X617, AR3200, AR3300, AR3300G, AR3300SP, AR3300W, AR3300X609, AR3300X610, AR3300X617, AR3305, AR3305SP, AR3305W, AR3307, AR3307SP, AR3307W, AR3307X609, AR3307X610, AR3307X617, AR3340, AR3340G, AR3340W, AR3347, AR3350, AR3350SP, AR3350W, AR3350X609, AR3350X610, AR3350X617, AR3355, AR3355SP, AR3355W, AR3357, AR3357SP, AR3357X609, AR3357X610, AR3357X617, AR3357X674, AR3810, AR3812, AR3814, AR4018, AR4018A, AR4018I, AR4018IA, AR4018IX429, AR4018IX431, AR4018IX432, AR4018SP, AR4018SPX429, AR4018SPX431, AR4018SPX432, AR4018X429, AR4018X431, AR4018X432, AR4024, AR4024A, AR4024I, AR4024IA, AR4024IX429, AR4024IX431, AR4024IX432, AR4024SP, AR4024SPX429, AR4024SPX431, AR4024SPX432, AR4024X429, AR4024X431, AR4024X432, AR4038, AR4038A, AR4038I, AR4038IA, AR4038IX429, AR4038IX431, AR4038IX432, AR4038X429, AR4038X431, AR4038X432, AR7007, AR7050, AR7057, AR8135BLK, NBWL0356A

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